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Book Of Ruby - New Chapter

Free eBook and source code
by Huw Collingbourne
Saturday 28 June 2008.

I’ve just uploaded the latest revision of The Book Of Ruby - our free in-depth guide to Ruby programming. This now has 57 pages and 36 small, ready-to-run sample programs. I’ve decided to release this as a single Zip download rather than (as previously) as separate downloads for each chapter. This will help to ensure that you can always download the complete latest edition of the book and source code.

The latest chapter is devoted to strings and ranges - everything from the ins and outs of user-defined string delimiters, format strings and string methods to iterating over ranges and making use of Heredocs. Bear in mind that The Book Of Ruby will grow over time and will eventually run to more than 400 pages. In the meantime, if you want a shorter, simpler guide to Ruby we also have The Little Book Of Ruby which covers the fundamentals of Ruby programming in ten chapters.

- The Book Of Ruby (Download Page)

The next chapter of The Book Of Ruby will be added during July.

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