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Book Of Ruby Free eBook - Chapter 6: conditional execution

Latest Version of our free Ruby eBook
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 18 August 2008.

I’ve just uploaded the latest edition of The Book Of Ruby, our free Ruby programming eBook. This now has 111 pages and comes complete with 93 small ready-to-run Ruby programs that illustrate every topic described in the text.

Chapter 6 is devoted to conditional tests which, in Ruby, are more numerous and diverse than in many other languages. This chapter covers the ins and outs of if..elseif..else, unless, if and unless modifiers, the various types of case statement, the === method and Boolean conditions. It also explains why and, or and not are not the same as &&, || and ! and discusses various other important little matters such as the joys and perils of catch and throw...

As always, The Book Of Ruby and all its source code is available for free download on the Book Of Ruby download page.

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