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Book Of Ruby - Free 160-page Ruby eBook: New Chapter

Arguments and Return Values
by Huw Collingbourne
Tuesday 16 September 2008.

Chapter 8 has just been added to The Book Of Ruby, our free guide to Ruby programming.

The Book Of Ruby is an ongoing project to provide an in-depth guide to Ruby. It is being released, chapter by chapter, and will eventually comprise 20 chapters and over 400 pages, plus hundreds of small demo programs to illustrate every topic described in the text.

With the addition of Chapter 8, The Book Of Ruby currently has:

- Over 160 pages
- Source code of 131 programs

The new chapter is called ‘Passing Arguments and Returning Values’. This covers the following topics: Returning Values, Returning Multiple Values, Default and Multiple Arguments, Assignment and Parameter Passing, Integers Are Special, The One-Way-In One-Way-Out Principle, Parallel Assignment, By Reference Or By Value?, Are Assignments Copies Or References?, When Are Two Objects Identical? and Parentheses Avoid Ambiguity.

The Book Of Ruby is supplied as a PDF eBook in a Zip archive which also contains all the source code. To get a copy, just go to The Book Of Ruby Download Page.

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