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Book Of Ruby: Chapter 19, Rails

Getting Started With Ruby On Rails
by Huw Collingbourne
Wednesday 31 December 2008.

I’ve just managed to squeeze one more chapter into The Book Of Ruby before the year ends. Chapter 19 contains a 30-page introduction to the Rails framework.

Now I’d be the first to admit that Rails is far too big and complex to be dealt with in a mere 30 pages. Entire books containing hundreds of pages have been devoted to Ruby On Rails development and have still only scratched the surface.

My aim in this chapter is rather modest. I just want to explain the very basics of what Rails is and how it works and to help new users to create a simple Rails application. So, if you are new to Rails or if you have previously used Rails 1 and haven’t yet got up to speed with Rails 2.x, then I hope this will at least get your started.

With the addition of Chapter 19, The Book Of Ruby now has 374 pages. There is only one chapter left to go - and that will be devoted to ‘metaprogramming’, self-modifying Ruby programs. Then, just to wrap everything up, there will also be a few short appendices added.

When Chapter 20 has been added (early in the new year), I’ll announce it here on the Blog. In the meantime, I hope you find the first 19 chapters of interest. Finally, let me wish you a great 2009!

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