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Beginners’ Guide To Ruby On Rails

Getting On The Right Track
by Huw Collingbourne
Tuesday 6 February 2007.

If you are new to Rails, you may like to take a look at an article I’ve just published online in Bitwise Magazine.

This takes you through the essential steps of creating a very simple Rails application. This omits the Model (the database bits) and concentrates instead on the Controller and the View. The reason for this is simple: when I started learning Rails I found that I got bogged down in all the SQL stuff and ended up more confused than before I started! While most serious Rails applications do use a database, this is not obligatory. In my article I’ve stuck purely to the View (what you see in the browser) and the Controller (some Ruby programming ‘behind the scenes’). I’ll be writing another article shortly in which I’ll move on to the Model and all that database stuff.

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