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Amethyst Personal and Professional Features

Feature List Now Online
by Huw Collingbourne
Friday 4 June 2010.

We’ve just updated the Amethyst Feature List to show a comparative table of features in both the Professional and the Personal editions of Amethyst.

The Personal Edition will be released as a free product. It will have the essential editing, project management and debugging features including extensive code coloring, IntelliSense, breakpoints and drill-down debugging.

The Professional Edition will also have code refactoring, customizable code formatting, a drag and drop visual Designer for Flex, the ability to share code with the Flash IDE for editing and debugging, enhanced IntelliSense and the full features of the Amethyst ‘Cylon’ debugger including conditional breakpoints, break-on-hitcount and the ability to debug multiple SWFs simultaneously.

For more detailed information see the Amethyst feature List.

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