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Amethyst IDE For Flex - Latest News

A quick overview of things to come...
by Huw Collingbourne
Wednesday 18 February 2009.

When it’s quiet on the Blog it usually means that we are working so hard on getting some new software out of the door that we haven’t had time to post anything here. We try to post a couple of times a week but I’ve just noticed that it’s been well over a week since my last post. There is a reason for that...

The reason is: Amethyst Beta 3

We plan to release the latest version of our new Adobe Flex IDE next week. This will have all the features of the previous two betas (IntelliSense, auto-code-formatting, code colouring, code folding and the rest) plus a couple of fairly significant new features. First of all there will be the debugger. This will work just like the standard Visual Studio debugger with breakpoints, debug windows and ‘drill-down’ - but instead of operating on a Microsoft language (or on Ruby if you happen to be using our Ruby IDE), it will debug Flex applications. My colleague, Dermot Hogan, has already given a brief overview of the Amethyst debugger and we’ll go into much more detail once beta 3 is released. One of the other new things I really like is our new Import and Conversion Wizard.

Amethyst beta 3 will now have a totally rewritten Import and Conversion Wizard.

Beta 2 already has a project importer but (frankly) we did not feel this was the best we could do and we have therefore redesigned it from the ground up. The new Wizard will let you import existing projects (created in Flex Builder or another editor/IDE) and either make a copy of the folders and code files in a new location or simply convert the existing project ‘in place’. If you select the option to convert-in-place you will be able to share the same project between Amethyst and another IDE. So if you want to use Amethyst and a colleague wants to use Flex Builder, you will be able to do so.

Beta 3 will also have numerous improvements to the existing editing, IntelliSense and project management capabilities. We’ll announce beta 3 when it’s available here on the Blog next week.

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