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Amethyst, Flash and Windows 7

Not forgetting Ruby In Steel
by Dermot Hogan
Tuesday 13 October 2009.

Well - as expected it works fine! Though, it did take me a couple of hours digging to figure out why the Designer and MXML Editor didn’t fire up in Amethyst. Well, of course since I’d just installed Windows 7 on a new Virtual Machine with Visual Studio 2008 - there were none of the usual bits-and-pieces that gradually get installed over time.

The one important piece that was missing was - the Flash Player! It turns out that I’d never installed Amethyst on an O/S without Flash, and I’d never thought to put out a sensible error message if it wasn’t there.

After some time of looking in all the wrong places for the trouble, the proverbial light bulb went on ... doh!

Well, I now put out a nice error message about the absence of the Flash Player, so the time was well spent. I just wish the light bulb had illuminated a bit quicker!

Oh, and yes, I have installed our other IDE, Ruby In Steel, on Windows 7 too...

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