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Amethyst Flash IDE Edges Towards Final Beta

March 2010 build of Amethyst Professional
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 15 March 2010.

New features in the latest ’edge’ release of Amethyst include a built-in ’project publish’ (FTP) capability, ’platform’ support in build configurations and an expression evaluator which lets you test out ActionScript expressions (in addition to simple variables) in the watch and immediate windows. The expression evaluator will be further enhanced in our next release. There have also been numerous bug-fixes and improvements to IntelliSense, refactoring and debugging.

Our edge releases are interim builds between major betas. The betas are more fully tested than the edge releases but may lack many of the latest features. Our last full beta (beta 7) was released in December and there have been significant additions to the edge releases in meantime. Beta 7 can be downloaded from the Amethyst Download Page. Download details of the edge releases are given in the Amethyst board of our forum.

In addition to the new features listed above, the latest edge release has many other capabilities missing from beta 7. These include: support for styles (set in a Style palette) in the visual design environment, a ‘Go Live’ mode to let you interact with the components in the Designer much as you would in a running application, user-defined comments in the Visual Studio Task List, a Flash IDE project importer, auto-attach multi-process debugging to debug multiple SWFs simultaneously and IntelliSense in the Watch window.

We are now working towards the final beta of Amethyst. Amongst other things, this will include support for drag-and-drop design of AIR applications. Amethyst Professional will be available to buy later in the year (we’ll announce a release date following the final beta). In the meantime, the current beta and edge releases are available for immediate download and they will remain active for several months .

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