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Amethyst - Coming In Time For Christmas!

Advance Notice of SapphireSteel’s New Product
by Huw Collingbourne
Wednesday 26 November 2008.

Over the past few month we have occasionally mentioned that we are working on a new development product called Amethyst. We are still not quite ready to go fully public with the details of this but we are now getting so close that I can at least give you a few fairly broad hints...

A first glimpse of Amethyst - we’ll reveal more soon...

- What Amethyst Isn’t...

First, let me clarify what Amethyst isn’t. It is not a version, update or upgrade to our Ruby IDE, Ruby In Steel; it is not, in fact, a Ruby programming tool at all. Nor is it in any way related to the Sapphire programming language which SapphireSteel Software is developing.

- What Amethyst Is...

Amethyst is a fully integrated development environment for an existing language. It is integrated into Visual Studio and may be used either in commercial editions of Visual Studio or in the free Visual Studio ‘Shell Edition’.

- When Will It Be Released?

SapphireSteel Software will release a public beta of ‘Amethyst Personal Edition’ before Christmas 2008. The Personal Edition is free and it will remain free when the final version is released early in 2009. A more powerful commercial edition, ‘Amethyst Developer’, will be released early in 2009.

- When Can We Get More Details?

Shortly before the release of the beta of Amethyst Personal Edition, we shall provide full details of the product including information on its language and framework support and feature list. At the time of this release we shall also begin to provide more information on Amethyst Developer. As we plan to release the beta of Amethyst Personal before Christmas, keep an eye on this blog during December in order to get the low-down on Amethyst.

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  • Amethyst - Coming In Time For Christmas!
    26 November 2008, by Ronski

    Huw, you are such a tease!

  • Amethyst - Coming In Time For Christmas!
    26 November 2008, by Willem

    Now you’ve got me very curious! Please tell more :)

    • Amethyst - Coming In Time For Christmas!
      26 November 2008, by Huw Collingbourne

      Plenty more info coming in time for Christmas! :-)

      best wishes


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