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Amethyst Beta 6 minor update

New users be sure to download the current release
by Huw Collingbourne
Wednesday 2 September 2009.

We have just made a small update to the Amethyst beta 6 installer which was released yesterday. This fixes a registry issue that may have caused problems with new installations of Amethyst.

To the best of our knowledge, the problem is only likely to occur on a completely new Amethyst installation, due to a missing registry key. If you have installed a previous beta, you should have no problems. In addition, the problem only occurs with yesterday’s build (00.00.0700 - as shown in the installation Zip archive) of Amethyst and this is no longer an issue with the new build (00.00.0705).

The symptom is this. When you try to create or open an Amethyst project, an error message reports a ‘Reflection Error’. To fix the problem, exit Visual Studio, uninstall Amethyst, download the latest beta from the Amethyst Download Page. Install that. The problem should now be fixed.

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