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Amethyst Beta 5, Flex Refactoring and more

The latest beta of our Flash Platform IDE for Visual Studio is now available
by Huw Collingbourne
Tuesday 26 May 2009.

Beta 5 of Amethyst adds the following features:


- Rename variables, classes and methods
- Encapsulate field (add getters and setters and update references)
- Preview and edit (check or uncheck items) before renaming
- Rename from ‘smart tags’

Organize Imports

- Auto-add class to import list
- Sort imports
- Remove unused imports
- Sort and remove imports in a single operation

Configuration-dependent property pages

- Seven pages of categorized project properties
- Save properties as named configurations for easy re-use
- Option to select alternative Flex SDKs
- Options to define symbols for conditional compilation

Find All References

- Highlight an ID such as a class, method or variable to navigate to all references in project

Run and Debug via Server

- Option to run or debug applications using a web server
- Supports WebDev, Apache, IIS

- Plus
Numerous other improvements to code formatting and debugging, fixes to reported bugs (such as the ability to install onto a non-default drive) and auto-check for updated versions of Amethyst.

- Known Issues
Beta 6 refactoring will not correctly rename pairs of getter and setter methods (‘properties’) if this option is selected from a reference to one of that pair of properties; a ‘code behind’ file (the file designated as ‘Script source’ in an MXML file), does not correctly handle the sorting and removing of imports. These will be fixed in the next beta.

- To download Amethyst, go to The Amethyst Download page.
- Tutorials on Amethyst
- More information

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  • Amethyst Beta 5, Flex Refactoring and more
    28 May 2009, by Tony

    Any news on the pro version with the visual designer?

    • Amethyst Beta 5, Flex Refactoring and more
      29 May 2009, by Huw Collingbourne

      That will form part of our next major beta release. It is possible we may release one more minor beta to complete all the refactoring features prior to the first release of the visual designer. At any rate, the first beta to include the visual designer will be released within the next one or two months.

      best wishes


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