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Adobe Flex Visual Design Tutorial

New screencast
by Huw Collingbourne
Tuesday 20 April 2010.

One of the core features of the Amethyst IDE is its visual design environment for Adobe Flex and AIR applications and components.

The Designer incorporates a great deal of functionality for laying out user interfaces by dragging and dropping controls from the Visual Studio Toolbox and using the numerous built-in tools to align, move, resize and space them out evenly. I’ve just uploaded a new screencast to guide you through the fundamental features in just a few minutes. Watch below or view the HD version on YouTube:

There is, of course a great deal more to the Amethyst Designer than is covered in this video. For example, it integrates with the code editor to let you create event-handler methods by double-clicking a control, it has a two way link with the Property Panel (so changes made in the Designer update the property list and vice versa), it allows copy and paste and implements multi-step undo/redo. It can shows styles, has an optional ‘go live’ mode and much more besides. We’ve mentioned some of these features in previous blog posts and, as we draw closer to the final version of Amethyst, we’ll publish more tutorials to explain these features in detail.

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