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Adobe Flex 4 in Visual Studio

Preview of Flex 4 support in Amethyst
by Huw Collingbourne
Thursday 13 May 2010.

We are currently working on Flex 4 support in Amethyst. We’ve been working on Flex 3 solidly for a couple of years now and making the transition to Flex 4 is not trivial.

Amethyst will support both Flex 3 and Flex 4 development. Up to now, the public betas of Amethyst have only supported Flex 3 (as well as ActionScript/Flash and AIR projects). We are now preparing to release one or two ‘edge’ (test) editions for Flex 4. Here are a couple of pictures to show our current ‘in-house’ build of Amethyst with Flex 4 support.

Here’s the Amethyst Designer. Note all the Spark components in the Toolbox...

And here is code completion for Spark components in MXML (Flex 4 will also be supported in ActionScript, of course).

The Amethyst Designer itself is a Flex 3 application: it is written entirely in ActionScript using (up to now) the Flex 3 framework. Converting it to support both Flex 3 and Flex 4 is a somewhat delicate task. Flex 4 introduces a number of subtle (and some not so subtle!) changes that can, if not handled with great care, very easily break a Flex 3 program. One of the most awkward problems is dealing with the parent/child relationships of containers and components. A Spark control’s parent is not the same as an MX control’s parent. And any Flex 3 code that deals with parents and children has to be rewritten for Flex 4. Given the fact that Spark and MX controls can be mixed up together in the same application, calculating the ‘family’ relationships between all those controls is tricky to say the least!

Anyway, the screenshots on this page give you an idea of where we are at the moment. Our Flex 4 support isn’t ready to go public yet but it will be soon. More news, as ever, will be announced here on the Blog.

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  • Adobe Flex 4 in Visual Studio
    6 July 2010

    I saw the latest edge build but there was no comment about Flex 4? How goes the progress on Flex 4 in VS 2010?

    • Adobe Flex 4 in Visual Studio
      6 July 2010, by Huw Collingbourne

      We support Flex 3 and Flex 4 in the latest edge build (VS2008), released today. The previous edge build also supports VS2010. The latest edge build for 2010 will be available in a few days.

      best wishes


  • Adobe Flex 4 in Visual Studio
    17 May 2010, by JTtheGeek

    This is fantastic! Keep up the great work guys, I can’t wait for the day my entire workflow will exist inside the most amazing IDE in the world (Visual Studio). Flex 4 is amazing, really looking forward to see what you guys can do with the new skinning system.

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