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Adobe Flash On Your TV

Flash is moving off the desktop and into the living room...
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 20 April 2009.

There’s an interesting story on the BBC web site about Adobe’s deal to get Flash built into the chips in our television sets. The BBC says that this will “enable developers and content providers to create applications to deliver web-based content such as news, weather and share prices to TV screens.”

From 2010, Flash will be included on most TV chips apart from those made by Sony and Samsung (which have decided to use Yahoo’s rich media platform instead). So what of Silverlight? In spite of Microsoft’s claim that Silverlight has been installed on 300 million machines, the BBC comments that “analysts think Silverlight is unlikely to challenge Flash across PCs, mobiles and TV screens in the near future.”

The plain fact of the matter is that Flash has a huge head start. Adobe says that Flash is installed on 98% of PCs and is used for the delivery of around 80% of all online video including YouTube and the BBC’s own iPlayer service.

Read the BBC report here:

Flash - and its application development framework, Flex - are increasingly important technologies. If you haven’t already experimented with creating Flash or Flex applications, now would be a great time to start. You can use the free beta of our Amethyst IDE to program internet and desktop applications using Adobe Flex, desktop applications using the AIR runtime.

If you are using Adobe’s Flash IDE you can also use Amethyst to create ActionScript applications to add programming power to your Flash animations. The current beta of Amethyst is free and can be downloaded right now. Later in the year we will release two editions: Amethyst Personal Edition (free) and Amethyst Professional (a commercial release with high end visual design, refactoring and database development features). Both editions of Amethyst will have comprehensive code formatting, project management, debugging and IntelliSense.

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