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ActionScript Snippets in Amethyst

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by Huw Collingbourne
Tuesday 13 April 2010.

Visual Studio snippets let you auto-expand whole blocks of code by entering a code ’trigger’ and pressing TAB. We support snippets in both Ruby In Steel and in Amethyst and I’ve just uploaded a new screencast to explain the basics.

An example snippet trigger might be the text ’function’. You enter that into the code editor and, if you want it to be expanded, you just press the Tab key instead of entering a space. You can, by the way, disable this behaviour if you don’t wish to have auto-expansion of snippets (Tools/Options/TextEditor/ActionScript/IntelliSense and check or uncheck Expand snippets by tab character). Assuming tab-expansion is active, the entire ’function’ snippet will be expanded like this:

private function functionName( ):Object{

return null;

And the expanded snippet includes editable areas to let you change the function name, return types and so on. In the next beta of Amethyst will will be supplying a library of ready-to-use snippets. In the meantime, you can create your own using our snippet editor. Watch the video below (or click HERE to watch in in high definition on YouTube) for a short guide to creating and using snippets in Amethyst.

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