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Read our updated guide to Amethyst
by Huw Collingbourne
Wednesday 2 December 2009.

I’ve just updated our Brief Guide To Amethyst. If you are new to Amethyst, this is the place to start. It gives you a quick overview of the essential editing, designing, debugging and compiling features for creating Flash Platform applications with Visual Studio.

Our ‘Brief Guide’ was originally published in January 2009 and hasn’t been substantially updated since. The Amethyst software, however, has changed almost out of recognition over that period. Amongst other things we’ve extended the IntelliSense, made major improvements to the debugger, added extensive refactoring capabilities and (last but not least!) integrated a drag-and-drop designer environment. The updated Guide gives an overview of these features with useful links to other articles. Note that while most features described in the Guide relate to beta 6, a few describe new features in beta 7 which will be released in a few days.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing some new tutorials and screencasts to help you get to grips with Amethyst. As always, you’ll hear about them first here on the blog.

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