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ActionScript Code Formatting Extended

Now with 23 options
by Huw Collingbourne
Thursday 22 April 2010.

Code formatting is a highly personal thing. Some people like opening braces on newlines, others can’t live without having spaces between a colon a a type declaration.

Amethyst has extensive automatic code formatting options for ActionScript and, in the latest beta, these have been extended. Moreover, we’ve also put a preview pane in the Formatting options dialog so that you can see the effect on your code before you apply the options.

There are now 23 formatting options that can be combined in any way you like. You can format an entire file of code or a marked block by pressing the Visual Studio hotkeys or you can have code auto-formatted when you enter a semicolon after a statement or a curly brace at the end of a block.

For guidance on all these formatting options, refer to the tutorial on code formatting which we have just updated to explain all the latest options:

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